Space SIP allows the players to own their minted NFTs (characters and items). The right to sell and trade is wholly owned by the player. Space SIP implemented a market to make this process trustless. The player can search ships and items that have been listed by other players, as well as list their own characters and items. The player will spend a nominal BNB gas fee to list or un-list the characters and items to/from the marketplace. The platform takes a 5% exchange fee on top of listing price. This fee goes directly into the contract used to give combat payouts.


Players can list the ships for sale in $SIP. The seller can freely determine the selling price. The Spaceship will be locked after being listed on the marketplace, and it cannot be used in the game by the original owner.


This feature is designed to let the players earn passive incomes while owning NFTs and not playing games. The players list the ships for lent in $SIP for a period of days. Only ships with Rare or higher quality can be lent. The lenders can freely determine the period and price. The ships will be locked after being lent out, it cannot be sold and cannot be used in the game by the original owner.


This feature encourages the players to create buying strategies to minimize the spending and still have chances to own high value NFTs. Comparing the Recruit feature in Base Station which gives a random NFT with either low value or high quality, Buy gives a solid result on dollars spent.


This feature is designed to let the players who want to utilize the high value NTFs listed on the marketplace to earn instead of investing a big sum of money to own them. They can also trial the NFTs before making a decision to own them. The borrowers pay $SIP and can borrow the ships for the period set in the original contract. The borrowers can use the borrowed spaceship for any activities in the game but they are not able to sell or lend them. When the borrowing period expires, the borrowed spaceship is returned to the owner.
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