Everyday, billions of monsters invade the universe. They come to the mining planets and interrupt the mining process and slow down mining rates. To bring back regular mining status, players need to destroy these disturbing creatures so the spaceships can continue mining $SIP without interruption. Players earn XP rewards from destroying these creatures. The details about these disturbia are as follows:
Number of Disturbia every day
Number of players *random (0.3 ~ 5.0)
Slow down mining rate (%)
random (0.03 ~ 0.1)
Destroy Disturbia reward (XP)
Current XP Level * random (0.03 ~ 0.1)


There will be daily tasks that allow players to earn daily rewards:
  • Daily check-in
  • Fight an enemy
  • Defeat an enemy
  • Use a gem
  • More tasks will be updated later