As Space SIP is an RPG game, we’re focusing on PvE, PvP, and Boss fight.
  • PLAYER vs ENVIRONMENT: It costs a ship a certain amount of Fuel to enter Combat Arena. Each round, a set of 3 enemies is presented with random elements. Fights are an on-chain transaction that takes the power values of the chosen ship and chosen enemy and compares the calculated rolls to determine if the player wins or loses. The combat performance will be determined by 4 elements. They’re Spaceship power, Elemental Spaceship power, Elemental Bonus, and Enemy power. So this is not the game of luck, gamers have to get to know about their spaceships.
  • PLAYER vs PLAYER: The fun part of SPACE SIP is this mode, or you can call it Battle Royal Mode where gamers will have a chance to fight each other on a map with their spaceship, chasing around and shoot others down to get rewards. Our Developing team is trying hard every single day to improve the PvP experience like introducing flying objects that gamers can get cover from being shot at, or random bonus items which will turn the fight around if you can get them. so that gamers won’t be bored like playing the other blockchain games. These are what we’re working on, but more to come in the future.
  • BOSS FIGHT: We’re working on it and will update in the future.